3 L’s that spoil your mental health

A wide range of things and reasons destroy mental health in everyday life. But the most common things that spoil your mental health are:


  1. Laziness: It’s common to choose comfort over risk and pain in life. Most people are accustomed and hardwired to rest most of the time, which in the long run, leads to laziness. This laziness in humans becomes an obstacle to achieving anything in life.

In long-term laziness, people start choosing easy ways to live a lazy life. Living a lazy life needs easy ways, which are mostly wrong ways that should not be opted. However, when opted they make your mind go crazy and fill you with sadness and pain, which in turn spoils your mental health.

Therefore, choose to be active in every possible way. Laziness makes us live a dumb life. Activeness makes us live a wonderful life that is full of new experiences and adventures.

“An active life is called living and a lazy life is called death.”

If you hate people it's alright to be in solitude but never feel alone. Be with yourself at least to refrain from destructive thoughts. Destructive thoughts not only tell you to destroy others, but they also destroy your mental peace and health.

Try to move around and travel often. Help others and keep involved in some kind of work to refrain from loneliness. Keep yourself busy and live a life where you will spend more time with yourself and love yourself a little more every day.

“It’s better to live your life in solitude instead of living it in loneliness.”

If you observe people who grew up in luxurious conditions, it's hard for them to do menial work. However, those who already have experience with menial work can do any work, and it may not apply to all, but it applies to most.

So having a luxurious life is good but make sure it's not too much you are living in. Live a simple life. Simplicity makes your life more interesting and easy. Simplicity fills your life with more wonderful experiences. Choose simplicity over luxury. It helps you have solid mental health.

“Simplicity is a new luxury, and it’s permanent. Choose it.”

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