5 minimalistic habits to grow yourself

You don’t need some complex habits to grow in your life. There are simple habits and they work well for self-improvement and the wonderful thing is they are minimalistic and are easy to start.

I will share 5 minimalistic habits that are simple and powerful. These habits can change your life and help you grow into a better person.

It’s very hard to grow new habits in you and you keep thinking about changing your habits and sometimes you may have tried but gave up fast. You are what your habits make you.

Good habits make you feel good and bad habits make you feel bad. There are several effects of bad habits in human life. They inhibit your growth in all aspects of life. They make you lazy and desperate.

Even I have experienced the ill effects of a few bad habits. I felt weak, lazy, tired, and hopeless. Even I felt something is not right, and I felt something is missing, and I felt no satisfaction in anything.

I felt that I was going with the flow of life without trying to do something. Even though they are a few bad habits that limited me. They have bad effects that result in great confusion.

I understood that these habits are difficult to break. You learned these habits for several years and you can’t expect them to leave you in one day. One who gave up so easily trying to change has to remember this.

Bad habits take less time to form in someone. But good habits take a lot of time and therefore you need to keep working on the habits that build you into a better person. If you give up fast, you will become the old you that you hate.

There are several habits that are complex and you don’t to learn them as a beginner and you can start with small habits at first and grow them slowly. They are easy and growable in less time. I call them minimalistic or simple habits.

I advise you to trick yourself by using the 21/90 method. This method is so simple, and it only tricks your mind and helps you overcome your bad habits and learn simple habits in less time.

This method tells that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to form a lifestyle with the habit you grow in you. Therefore, start with one habit and follow it for 21 days and then see its result and continue to apply it for 90 days and it becomes part of your lifestyle.

Minimalistic habit #1

Early to rise. Wake up early in the morning. It has a lot of benefits. It improves your health. It improves your mental energy. The wonderful thing is you will have more time to live. You can use this time for doing things you love and you will never be late and your day goes right.

There are several advantages. You can get up early and exercise and build your physical body, which builds a strong mind. You can do journaling and you can plan your day or you can make plans about your goals.

Several types of research have proved the importance of waking up early in the morning. The research proved that by waking up early in the morning; you live longer. You will be happier. You will make the right decisions. Your immunity power gets stronger and there are more benefits.

In the beginning, waking up early may be hard. You may hit the snooze button several times. It’s okay. You can keep trying. What you can do is wake up 15 minutes before your regular time on the first day and double it the next day and triple it the third day and go on until you set a proper time for waking up.

This changes your mind slowly to get into the process and grow into the habit of waking up early.

Minimalistic habit #2

Smile: Smile at everyone you come across in your daily life and there is no exception. Smile at every person even though they are strangers and don’t care about what they think. Many are going through several hardships in their daily lives and your smile can act as medicine in their lives.

This smile costs nothing but a valuable medicine that can set the mood of others. This smile is a natural makeup that you can wear on your face and you look more beautiful with that smile. So wear it every day.

This smile not also helps others, but also you. It helps you decrease and heal the pain and suffering you are going through and makes you happy. Life becomes hopeful because of your smile and this smile is viral and remember to spread it around the world to make this world a heaven.

Minimalistic habit #3

Speak to yourself: Who doesn’t need an expert’s advice? Everyone needs advice. You are an expert and it’s your life and you know it well than others. Your advice is more valuable and effective and therefore sometimes talk to yourself. Tell yourself some positive affirmations every day.

It may look odd to talk to yourself, but it works for most people. If you don’t want to speak out to yourself. Go to a peaceful place in nature and contemplate in your head for positivity and solutions.

You can stand before a mirror and talk to yourself. Even this works perfectly. This habit is so simple and do it when you are alone and when the surrounding environment is calm for this habit to work effectively.

Minimalistic habit #4

Meditate: Just breathe if you don’t know how to meditate. Close your eyes and take deep breaths and this is a very simple technique as a beginner. You don’t need some complex methods when you are starting.

Sit in a comfy place and close your eyes and just breathe and let thoughts move in your head and don’t try to stop the flow. Stay calm and the thoughts come and go.

You may not believe in meditation until you get habituated to it. even researches proved that meditation improves your mental performance and several other aspects of life.

Learning this habit may be difficult at the beginning. You need not meditate for hours. Take 2 minutes a day and meditate in the first week. Then take 5 minutes next week and go on doubling time every week until you feel comfortable.

Minimalistic habit #5

Declutter: There is a lot of clutter around you and in you. You need to clear this clutter to become minimalistic and simple. Life becomes easy when you remove unnecessary from it. You fed your life everything and that’s why you are always in great confusion.

You get clarity when you remove what’s not necessary. This habit is minimalistic and powerful when you use it in your everyday life. You need to declutter two things mainly.

  1. Declutter your mind: Your mind plays an important role. It makes you and breaks you. Therefore maintaining your mind properly is very important. Therefore declutter your mind from negative thoughts, false beliefs, negative emotions.

Follow these 5 simple habits to transform your life. Every beginning to change is difficult and get started and love the process and build yourself strong and into a better person who you can fall in love with every day.

I have designed a template that you can download here and track your progress step by step.



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