5 T’s money💰 can’t buy.

“Even though money can do several things. There are things that money can’t buy. Money is a human invention but there are several natural creations that man invented money cannot create or control.”

There are so my things that money can't buy. Like there are several inventions, money is just one more invention by humans. The money will do everything for you, but money can’t do everything for you. There are things money can’t buy in human life. Here is the list of 5T’s that money can’t buy.

Time: You know this popular saying that you can get money back if you lose it, but you can’t get time back. It doesn’t matter how much money you can invest, but you will never get access to your lost time.

You will listen to people saying that every penny matters. Save money and it will save you. But it’s an old notation. The new one must be every second matter and save time and it will save you. Time has more priority than money.

By utilising time properly you can make a lot of money, but by utilising money and ignoring time, you will fail at things you do in your life. Remember that time is limited, but money isn’t. Make sure you prioritize your time well in your life.

Truth: Truth is so powerful and you can’t buy it. You can conceal it by using money or you can make someone tell a lie by using money, but the truth is not for sale. It doesn’t matter how much money you may have. You can never buy the truth. Truth is superior to everything in life.

Trust: Trust is so powerful and basis of life. Every relation and business runs on trust. Such trust cannot be bought using money. People may act as they trust you for your money, but they really will never trust because of your money.

Talent: You can hire talents to work for you using money, but you can never own talent by using money. You can gain knowledge, but you cannot gain talent by just using money. Gaining talent involves hard work, perseverance and a great determination.

True relations: True relations happen and stand strong on human emotions and money has no role in it. If someone is in relation with you because of your money, it's not a relationship at all. It’s a business. These relations are conditional and impure. True relations are unconditional and they aren’t based on your money.