7 ways to hate your life.

  • Complain: Keep complaining every day. Complain about everything. Complain about your life. Complain about your career. Complain about people. Complain about everything you see and soon you will start self-hate in you. If you don’t want the self hatred, then never complain and accept everything as it is and realise that nothing and no-one is perfect. Accept the flaws and weaknesses in things and people.
  • Judge others all the time: Keep judging others. Judge them on everything, even though you knew the truth that you are also not perfect in anything. Judge about how others eat, drink, wear and live and this makes you lose interest in you completely and soon you will hate yourself. If you don’t want to be that way, then stop judging others and never care about anything and only care about self improvement and your goals. Keep yourself involved in some work all the time. This not only helps you stop judging others but also helps in building a mindset that don’t care judgement of others.
  • Depend on others: Always depend on others for everything you need. Do nothing on your own. Live like a parasite, depending always on others. Accept hatred, irritation, and anger of others and keep relying on them. Soon, this way you lose self-respect and self-love and gains others hatred and self-hatred.
  • Keep telling excuses: Stay idle not doing any work and not taking any action. Keep quitting and keep failing and then keep telling excuses. This way, you will soon hate your life. Excuses become part of your life and makes you do no work. You finally stop taking risks and get into your comfort zone, where you live a life in vain. Finally, self- hatred consumes your life.
  • Stay lazy: Laziness causes all evil in your head. It keeps you worried about things and it keeps you accompanied with emptiness in life. You always suffer without a reason. You always contemplate about nothing. You mind will never say calm and always thinks about something. This way you lose interest in life and grow self-hatred. if you don’t want this, then keep involved yourself in some work all the time. Then you will get free from useless thoughts and you will grow self-love.
  • Overthink: Many people spend the most of their lives in overthinking. This way they are becoming unproductive and uninspired. Overthinking leads to increase in anxiety and worry levels and this way you keep suffering in your head which may become permanent suffering. This way, you hate your living and therefore self-hatred happens. If you don’t want this to happen, stop overthinking and always stay calm and peaceful all the time and realise your overthinking changes nothing but your actions do. So take action and free yourself from overthinking.
  • Be pessimistic: Pessimism is an easy way to grow sel-hatred. If you are negative all the time about everything, then there would be nothing you are living to admire. This way you grow hate over everything in life. This makes you desperate. The other way, optimism helps you grow mentally and builds strength for your mind. Optimism helps you stay peaceful and happy. This helps you grow love and kindness on everything in life and that’s how your life becomes hopeful and self-love happens.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde


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