7 ways to hate your life.

“It’s easy to hate your life than loving it and many people already hate their lives and here are the ways you can use, to hate your life too.”

Many people aren’t happy and mostly the happiness is temporary. Human started living a life full of confusion rather than clarity and that’s the reason human are behind fast and temporary things in life. They want instant results, instant happiness and instant life too and this is how their lives became unstable and they know it and still they do nothing about it and it leads to self hatred in their lives.

“Self hatred causes all destruction in your life and Self love causes all development in your life. So love yourself a little more every day.”

The reasons and ways, why and how many, hate their life are:

“Keep Complaining about everything in life to grow self-hatred and never complain about anything and grow self-love.”

“Judge no one because nobody is perfect.”

  • Keep telling excuses: Stay idle not doing any work and not taking any action. Keep quitting and keep failing and then keep telling excuses. This way, you will soon hate your life. Excuses become part of your life and makes you do no work. You finally stop taking risks and get into your comfort zone, where you live a life in vain. Finally, self- hatred consumes your life.

“Stop making excuses and start making progress.”

  • Overthink: Many people spend the most of their lives in overthinking. This way they are becoming unproductive and uninspired. Overthinking leads to increase in anxiety and worry levels and this way you keep suffering in your head which may become permanent suffering. This way, you hate your living and therefore self-hatred happens. If you don’t want this to happen, stop overthinking and always stay calm and peaceful all the time and realise your overthinking changes nothing but your actions do. So take action and free yourself from overthinking.

“Overthinking clutters your head and fills it with useless fears and poisonous thoughts.”

“Optimism is medicine whereas pessimism is poison.”

Understand these habits and what they can do for you and then proceed forward for building a life that you wish to.

Happy living.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde


📚 Author: Wrote and published 10+ books 🔥Entrepreneur: Established several online and offline businesses 👨‍💻Life coach: Helped people get better.