We all believe in different things in our lives. Some of us believe in religion. Some of us believe in people. Some of us believe in beliefs that we made up or learned from family, friends, or society. We keep believing to stay happy. However, most beliefs in this world don’t give happiness to most people. However, people still live those beliefs and will live regretful lives.

As time passes, most people lose hope and confidence. …

You must apologize to this one person in your life before it’s too late.

I don’t know how many mistakes you have committed in your life. I don’t know how many people you owe apologies to. But I know one thing for sure. You may or may not apologize to others, but you must apologize to one person for sure in your life before it’s too late.

This one person is everything you have until the end of your life. This person is with you all the time. This person never leaves you in any situation. This person suffers from your every mistake. …

A wide range of things and reasons destroy mental health in everyday life. But the most common things that spoil your mental health are:


  1. Laziness: It’s common to choose comfort over risk and pain in life. Most people are accustomed and hardwired to rest most of the time, which in the long run, leads to laziness. This laziness in humans becomes an obstacle to achieving anything in life.

In long-term laziness, people start choosing easy ways to live a lazy life. Living a lazy life needs easy ways, which are mostly wrong ways that should not be…

We look at several people around us who are disabled physically. Some feel pity for them and some ignore them. In the same way, some disabled feel bad about themselves and lose self-confidence and some do miracles and these are differently-abled. Let me clear it with a small story.

Moral: Physical disability is not true, but mental disability is.

There is a pack of foxes living in a forest. Out of them, one was blind since its birth. It used its other senses to learn about things around it. …

The loser is a temporary tag that we carry in life. In most cases, we lose because of several reasons. If you examine, you lose not because of external situations or distractions, but because of your own internal mindset.

MORAL: Learn to handle distractions in your life well or else you will end up failing or giving up.

The Story:

There lived a hungry fox in a dark forest. 🌳 It ate so much every day. It couldn’t resist itself from eating. It even preferred to eat tasty and new types of food every day.

One day it came to…

What’s the secret wealth that brought unlimited happiness? This ultimate wealth made our ancestors live happily and live longer. You may feel you are living a glorious life than your ancestors, but it isn’t true.

We are living a comfortable life, but not a significant life. Gaining and losing things became easy, but life isn’t. We made our lives more complex and complicated. If you think money alone can bring happiness, ask rich people whether they are truly happy.

It will surprise you to know the truth that they aren’t happy. They go through a lot of stress every day…

MORAL: Need makes you take the risk, and taking the risk will always level you up in life.

An ant colony lived on the bank side of a river in a forest. The place they lived in became their vicinity for several generations. They never moved away from that place. Every rainy season the river flooded and destroyed the ants' colony. Several ants died and injured, but they never left the place.

Beside where they lived, there is an enormous mountain they never climbed as they believed that it takes a lifetime to reach the other side. So they quit…

Moral: Be aware of false friends. False friends are more harmful than dangerous enemies.

There lived two foxes who were best friends in a dark forest. In the same forest, there lived an angry lion. The two foxes were so cunning, and they fed on the flesh hunted by the lion in the cave every day.

Whenever the lion left the cave, the foxes used to get into the cave and feed on the flesh. However, they fed only a little as the lion would get doubt and be angry if it knew about them stealing the food.

One of…

Moral: When enemies fall out, you get benefited.

There lived a lion in a forest. Along with lion, there lived two foxes who were it’s advisors. They stayed with the lion and ate whatever is left by the lion. The lion had a cub. The lion used to take its small cub to teach it hunting.

The foxes used to guard the cave that has meat of animal that the lion hunted on that day. One day as usual, the lion along with its cub went out of cave for teaching the cub hunting.

The foxes were having a talk…

MORAL: Sometimes, even your enemies and troubles are useful in life.

There lived two rabbits in the middle of a forest. These rabbits are best friends. In the same forest, a furious lion lived and hunted all animals for food. The two rabbits lived happily wandering around the forest every day.

The time passed by and one day rabbits fought on something, and they broke their friendship. They left in opposite directions and wandered in the forest alone. That’s not joyful for them, but their ego prevented them from speaking to each other. …

Manikanta Belde

📚 Author: Wrote and published 10+ books 🔥Entrepreneur: Established several online and offline businesses 👨‍💻Life coach: Helped people get better.

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