A Horror Story: The Haunted Motel Cafe

Manikanta Belde
8 min readMar 22, 2022

My name is Arjun. I was 29 years old and single. At the top 50 fortune company, I work at a great job. I have a house, a car, and lovely parents, and no siblings. I have a happy life.

The only problem is, I am ugly. No one loved me or liked me because of my looks. Even the matches my parents brought didn’t like me and every woman I met rejected me. No one was ready to marry me. I felt alone and desperate.
I turned to several dating sites and apps to find my soulmate, but it was of no use. I was searching for true love in my life, not a temporary relationship.

I didn’t stop my search. I traveled to distant places, kept searching for my love. I kept browsing social media sites, dating apps, and matrimony sites. Even with desperateness, I kept searching for the girl that would make me complete.

One day, I came across a profile on the findyoursoulmate app. This particular profile grabbed my attention. The profile picture is blurry, and I felt it’s okay as I was not searching for one who was just beautiful outside. I didn’t care about looks. I kept reading bio-data, interests, and contact information.

I was thrilled after going through the profile. I felt she was the one who completes me. I felt very eager to meet her as soon as possible. I copied her contact number and mail address from the profile and saved them on my iPhone.
I even messaged her on the app saying hi and waited for her reply. If she didn’t reply, I thought of replying to her by number or mail.
It’s already been hours, and I didn’t receive any response. My anxiety increased two-fold every minute. I kept checking my phone again and again. I couldn’t sleep that night. Even in the early morning, I kept checking my phone and there was no response.

Even at work, I couldn’t concentrate. I decided to message her on WhatsApp. I typed HI with trembling hands. Now my anxiety has tripled. The message was sent, and I messaged even at her mail address. The task was done, and the hardest task was waiting for her reply.

I kept checking and rechecking my phone, and I was exhausted. I thought of calling her that night after supper. I lay on my bed and grabbed my phone from the table and I was about to dial the call. Suddenly, I received a reply saying HI on WhatsApp from her.

I was surprised and got up and sat on my chair in my room.
I opened her message and asked, “How are you?”
She said, “I am fine.”
And then I waited if she would ask who I was
Then she asked,” How are you?”
I said, “I am fine”.

And the chat continued for a while, which had some routine questions and answers. I was eager that she would ask my name, but she didn’t.
So I asked, “Do you know who I am?”.
She said, “No”

Then I introduced myself and told her how I got her number.

Then I paused for a while, as I didn’t know what to say next. I wanted to meet her. My mind was forcing me to ask her out. But there was an unknown fear in me that stopped me from asking her out. It was a few minutes already, and I was fighting with myself inside.

After an hour of silence, a message popped out on my phone.
The message said: Can we meet?

I was thrilled and experienced boundless happiness. I said, “Okay. When and where”. A few minutes passed, and I was eagerly waiting for her reply Those minutes felt so longer than normal.

Then came a reply, “The haunted motel café at 09:47 P.M.” I was confused. I didn’t know this place. I have never been there. There were no results when I searched it on the maps, so I asked her, “Where is it?”.

She said, “It’s on the outskirts of the city, which is a drive about 67kms”. I said, “Okay let’s meet.”

I didn’t care about distance or place or time or anything because of my anxiety about meeting her at any cost. The next day we decided to meet her, and we both greeted each other good night and I waited eagerly all night to meet her the next day.

On this day, I was thrilled. I smiled at people I saw, which I don’t do normally. I greeted people. Good morning. I didn’t understand what’s happening to me. My life felt so good.

Even people around me were surprised and a few of my colleagues in the office asked m for a reason of my changed behavior.

I shared nothing, as I felt they would laugh. I returned home in the evening. I took a shower and dressed in my best outfit, combed my hair, applied some powder on my face and sprayed a little perfume, wore well-polished shoes and had a mint candy.

I drove my car and found no other vehicles on the road to the location she mentioned. Once I reached the location, It was full of lights and vehicles. I see this place is quite popular, but was surprised that I had never heard of it.

I parked my car and walked into the cafe. The cafe is scary themed. It looked quite interesting. I went and sat at a table. My eyes kept searching for her. My legs were trembling because of fear and anxiety.

It’s been a few minutes and I messaged then, and she said that she is in transit.
She messaged, “I reached.”
I asked, “Where?”
She said, “Inside.”
I asked, “Where?”
She said, “In front of you.”

I raised my head slowly to look at her, and I saw a blurry face. I cleared my eyes with my hands and I still saw only a blurry face. I took a little water from the glass on the table and rinsed my eyes and I still saw a blurry face. I was confused completely.

I can only see a woman walking in a blue dress, walking towards me. I tried to calm down as I did not want to make a bad impression in our first meeting. I sat silently and listened to her. I was lost completely, and I didn’t have hold of time. We spoke about different things. We discussed our interests, desires and plans for the future. Its was already 2 A.M. and the café is still full of people.
I didn’t want to leave, but I had to. So I asked for a leave and said that we would meet again. She said,” Okay.”

I left the place with great joy. After reaching home, I texted her, “Thanks for coming.” She said, “You are welcome.”

I wished her good night and slept, as I was so tired, and it’s already midnight.
From the next day onwards, we chatted and spoke on the phone every day and I asked her to meet but she said that she was busy till Wednesday. I asked her to meet on Thursday.

She said, “Okay.” I asked, “Where?”
She said, “Same place and same time.”
I said, “Okay.”

It’s Thursday. I was thrilled to meet her. I got ready and drove the car on empty road and reached the place at the same table. She came there and I still see only the blurry face. I didn’t understand what was happening. I can see all other faces clearly except her face.

I understood that her face was burnt and that’s why I see it blurry. I remembered that her profile name is even Ms. Blurry. I understood then her face and name were a match. As I didn’t care about her looks I continued to spend time with her every Thursday at the “The haunted motel cafe”.

On one weekend, I along with my colleagues went for a ride on the outskirts of the city. I told them about the café and told them it’s quite busy even at midnight. They laughed at me and said that there is no such café’. They told me that they go on drives regularly on the same road during weekends.

I was surprised. I said that I would show them the café. We all went to the cafe and found a huge collapsed building covered with dust and waste. I got down from his vehicle and walked in surprise and was speechless. I was completely dumb.

My mind froze, and I didn’t understand what was happening. I went back home and I was unable to concentrate on anything. I was completely lost. I even texted her very little and didn’t speak at all to Ms. Blurry.

On Wednesday, She messaged me, “Shall we meet?”
I said, “Okay.”

I didn’t like the mystery that was haunting me. I want to clearly know what’s happening. The next day after office, I went home and messaged her that we would meet and asked her to come quickly. She said, “okay.”

I am not anxious this time, instead, I am in great confusion. I am not even happy. I reached the place but I was scared. She came and sat at the table. I still only saw a blurry face, and I was trembling. She asked me whether I was okay. I said that I was fine.

I started looking around and everything seemed normal. I am not normal. The sounds, lights, and confusion in my head made me go mad. Out of madness, I shouted loudly, “What’s happening?”

Ms. Blurry asked me to calm down. I tried to stay calm and asked her what was happening? I asked her why I could not see the café on the weekend when I came along with my colleagues. Then she explained, “Once there was a café here. But it was destroyed in a fire accident and all people were dead. This happened 27 years ago at 9:47 P.M on Thursday. ”

After listening to it, I was confused and asked, “Why I can see all alive here?” She said, “They are not alive, They are all dead including her.”

I started trembling with great fear and looked around and now the whole place is covered with darkness and fierce sound of hunger was smelt and I can see all people with wounds and blood oozing out of their bodies.

I was in great fear and covered with sweat and when I got up from the table, all people around me started walking towards me and I ran outside fast to my vehicle and all followed me including Ms. Blurry. I tried to start my vehicle and it didn’t start. I forgot to put keys to unlock the car out of fear.

All surrounded me and I can’t run anywhere and all their hands are over my body and I shouted loudly closing my eyes tightly. . . .

Suddenly there was a high thud sound which felt like someone knocked on the door very hard. . . .

I opened my eyes and saw myself in my room on my bed. I didn’t understand what happened. Everything was like a dream. I opened the door and found my parents and they asked me whether I was okay.

It’s Friday. It was already afternoon and I got up from bed thinking about what happened.

Several questions kept haunting me, “Is it a dream? Or is it real? Is Ms. Blurry real or fake?”
I opened my phone and I couldn’t find any details about her. No chats and no call history. I felt it may be a dream. But it feels so real. . . .

That night, I kept receiving texts.

The sounds woke me up and I saw messages from Ms. Blurry and the haunting began again…..

Manikanta Belde

📚 Author: Wrote and published 10+ books 🔥Entrepreneur: Established several online and offline businesses 👨‍💻Life coach: Helped people get better.