A Moral Story: Only The Brave Can Succeed In Life By Mani Belde

Manikanta Belde
3 min readAug 18, 2020


On the shore of a sea, there lived several ducks who fed themselves from the fish they hunted from the sea. The sea is abundant in fresh fishes. On the shore, there lived a mother duck with its 3 ducklings along with other duck families.

The mother brought the fresh fish as food to ducklings every day when they are small, and when they grew up, the mother took its ducklings to hunt their fish as food by themselves. All ducklings could hunt the fish that comes with the waves.

But one duckling got hit by the wave and got scared and ran away from the waves and expected the mother duck to bring food. But the mother brought no food, as the duckling has to learn to hunt its own food.

The poor duckling starved with a hunger for a few days and there were strong rains and the waves roared and increased in size. So no duck or duckling went hunting fish, and the starving duckling couldn’t handle its hunger anymore.

It went to find some food to fulfill its hunger. However, the waves hit it harder and the duckling’s hunger made it move towards waves as it needs some food. The duckling kept trying and got hit by waves harder every time.

The duckling didn’t give up, and it kept facing the waves, and finally, it ducked under the sea and found various fish, creatures of the ocean, aquatic plants, and the amazing beauty under the sea.

It forgot its hunger for a while and kept looking around. Then it grabbed some fish on to the shore and ate it happily. It went into the sea and grabbed more fish and ate it. The other ducks and ducklings did nothing like this before, and it shocked them.

Even other ducks and ducklings came out of their shelter and faced the waves more joyfully, and even they were wondered by the beauty of sea, and they hunted fish and ate it and praised the duckling for giving them more courage.

From that day, the duckling hunted more fish every day, and it lost its fear and became so courageous. Its courage gave it success and fruitful results.

MORAL: Be courageous if you want success in life and overcome your fears by taking action now. Your courage can inspire others and give hope to others.

Even in human life, make use of this moral. Most people succeed in life not because of their talent, resources, or knowledge, but because of their courage to face challenges and take risks.

When you are courageous, the fears that limit you, lose their control over you. When you lose your fears, you become a powerful being who can achieve anything in life. Fears hold you back while courage takes you forward and gives you unlimited success and fulfillment in life.

Stay courageous. Stay fulfilled…



Manikanta Belde

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