Amazing forgotten lessons from your childhood.

Manikanta Belde
6 min readJul 22, 2020

“Your childhood is real. You are real. You lived and loved genuinely. You faked nothing. You lived the way you love. You lived life the way it is, and you learned with no limits, but the sad thing is you forgot or ignored the valuable lessons you learned in your childhood.”

Just close your eyes and remember your childhood. Probably you can’t remember it easily. But imagine yourself when you are a child. The day you were born and your cry made everyone around you happy.

You slowly grew up and started crawling around and then slowly you started standing by taking some support. You then made your first step and ambled, taking one step at a time. You never thought about walking, but you did it. You never scared about falling and you stood.

You may have fallen several times, but you got up. Falling doesn’t hurt you much because you found more joy in standing and walking forward. You may have cried every time you fell, but you were smiling and giggling every time you made one more step forward. You grew up, and you started moving around easily. You could lift some weights.

Whatever you did is a novel experience for you, from which you learned some important lessons. The lessons you learned from your experiences are not only valuable, but they taught you more about life and you forgot them.

You replaced those naturally learned valuable lessons of life with artificial lessons taught to you by the surrounding people. Not only this, but you forgot your own behavior. You lived your life not based on your rules, but with the rules put over you by society.

This caused false behavior, inferiority, suffering, and confusion in your life. When you have everything with you in your life but if you don’t have the real you with you, with whom you spent all those wonderful moments. How can you be happy?

The child you suppressed or ignored in you taught you genuine happiness, true living, true learning, true dreaming, and correct attitude. You forgot the child and the wonderful things the child in you taught you.

If you care about you and if you care about your life, then it’s time to bring that memory and lessons of your childhood back. These valuable lessons you forgot must be remembered to restore your happiness and wisdom for life.

Change is inevitable: Whether or not you like it, change happens for sure and you can’t control it. Like your body changes into different sizes at different stages of your life, your situations change, people change, and everything changes.

Don’t get stuck with outdated ideas and knowledge you learned from others. Respect others' ideas but don’t believe in them blindly, and the most valuable advice is your own advice. Believe yourself more than anyone and do things that matter to you.

Never fear change and try unfamiliar things without hesitation and fear, which you did in your childhood and experienced everything in life. Change is hard to accept but necessary for growth and transformation.

Falling is okay: In life, you fall several times in several situations. It’s okay to try again and again, fall several times. Sometimes falling gives you great pain that you feel terrible and can’t handle. But it’s okay. Believe me, humans can handle more pain than they know.

When you are a child, you never cared about falling and failures and you kept trying without giving up. You never worried about pain or suffering because of falling. You cried when you fell, but you stood up again and never gave up, which enabled you to walk and run around joyfully.

Remember this lesson: Never give up and trying is mandatory. Falling is common and you can always get up and when you succeed, the amount of joy you get is ineffable.

Dream big: When you are a child, you always imagined impossible things because you never limited yourself. You always dreamt of enormous things that are almost unachievable for you now.

Your dreams are not based on calculations. They are based on your instinct. Even though they look impossible for you now, imagine how would it be if they were made real. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Imagine the happiness and joy you will get. Those dreams in your childhood are childish, but they are real with no limitations.

But now you limited yourself by telling excuses. You complain that you don’t have time, enough resources, knowledge, or other things. These are all mental barriers you have constructed around your dreams that imprisoned you from achieving great success in life.

Try destroying those barriers that are limiting you and become that child again who never gave excuses and one who only strived for what he or she wanted. You will never worry about your dreams again if you bring that child back in you.

Growth is in moving forward: When you started to walk, you walked forward, not backward. Maybe you took a turn around to have the joy of walking when you are a child. But you forgot this simple lesson. You learn and grow when you move forward.

You can walk slowly, crawl or fall or you can rest for a while but never get stuck and never move backward in life. Moving forward helps you grow. Never get stuck in your past but remember the lessons from it and never worry about the future as long as you are moving forward. The important thing is — Enjoy this moment doing what you love.

Happiness is a choice: Even though you went through several struggles and pain when you are a child, you never gave up being happy. You are happy all the time and whenever you wanted. You always were happy irrespective of whatever happens in life.

You need to use this lesson now in your life. Happiness is a choice. You can be happy whenever you want if you wish to be happy. Situations may not be controllable, but the suffering or pain because of situations is controllable. If you realize this, your happiness stays with you all the time.

Fear isn’t real: Are you scared when you are a child? Do you even know what is fear? This fear has no value when you are a child. You always did things with no fear because you don’t have any knowledge of it.

When you grew up, you learned this fear from surrounding people. You learned it more and more from society, and you are under control of society now. You are almost scared of everything in this world. Fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of loss, fear of risk, fear of people, fear of success, and this list never ends.

But this fear is induced by people who are scared like you in their lives. They can’t do anything with their lives, and they taught the same to you by teaching you all these false fears. If you still don’t realize and live in these fears. You will regret it.

Fears are nothing but learned illusions. It’s your choice to live in these illusions and regret your life, or live outside these fears and create wonders in your life.

Live and Love unconditionally: You never lived and loved on conditions when you were a child. You lived expecting nothing in return from others. You loved others unconditionally and humans are primitively hard-wired this way.

But the intelligence and freedom human has — is corrupted by false teachings and reaching. You were told that money is more valuable, and you followed it. You were told that you should do nothing for free and there must be something in return and you followed it.

You were taught to distance from people who can't do anything from you, and you followed it. You were taught a million false things, and you followed them blindly and you forgot to help people without expectations and you looked at most things from a business perspective, including relationships.

You were different when you were a child. You lived with zero limits. You laughed heart fully. You helped unconditionally. You built relationships on love, not on conditions. This is the reason you never worried and always enjoyed life. If you want such a life again, unlearn every false thing you learned and become that joyful child again.

Manikanta Belde

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