Are you a prisoner to others?

  • They got habituated since childhood: Since childhood, you have been taught to care about what others think about your actions. Your parents, teachers and society taught you the fear that you will fail if you don’t follow their words.
  • Low self-esteem: Lack of confidence is surely a barrier to freedom. Lack of self-confidence makes you rely on others more than yourself, and therefore you care what others think about you.
  • Comfort: When you get comfortable with anything, even though it’s bad for you, you choose to stay that way as you are not ready to break that comfort or false belief that you have grown in your mind. You are scared of change and that’s why you stay in that prison.
  • Desperateness: Lack of hope is one more reason why people dwell and suffer in such a prison. Their dreams are shattered and they don’t have any interest in life anymore.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde


📚 Author: Wrote and published 10+ books 🔥Entrepreneur: Established several online and offline businesses 👨‍💻Life coach: Helped people get better.