Do you know happiness is viral?

Manikanta Belde
3 min readOct 8, 2020

“Happiness is the ultimate longing of humans. We do everything in life to become happy. However, we seek happiness outside us all the time. But the truth is: Happiness is an internal state. When you realize this, you become happy forever and you make people around you happy too because happiness is viral.”

Have you ever felt happiness? When you are surrounded by happy people. Let me give you an example. Remember the last time your family is happy. Are you too happy? Remember, a party or celebration that you had with your friends. Are you happy too, along with them? Maybe you are not completely happy if there are issues that are haunting you in your head.

However, you felt better than being alone when surrounded by happy and joyful people. This is all because this happiness is truly viral. When you are happy, you can make others happy too. When this world can share happiness with each other, all pain and suffering would vanish in no time.

Imagine a world where everyone is smiling and laughing heart fully and now close your eyes and imagine the people you love with such beautiful smiling faces and imagine yourself smiling. I hope there is a smile on your face right now and that feeling you are experiencing now is soothing too.

Did you see that even though they are several things that are suffering you, didn’t stop you from experiencing happiness just by using your imagination? The truth is: Happiness is a choice. You can be happy all the time if you choose it.

You should remember two things:

1. Happiness is viral. Sharing it brings you more happiness. 2. Happiness is a choice. You can be happy forever if that’s your choice.

I am happy to tell you one of my experiences that gave me this wisdom that happiness is viral. One day I saw a 5-year kid who went to a shop to get marble pebbles to play with. He got a rupee, and he went into the shop and asked for one marble pebble. For a rupee, the kid thought he would get only one marble. However, the shopkeeper gave him 3 marbles.

Looking at 3 marbles, the kid felt joyful, and he started shouting in the joy that he got 3 marbles for a rupee. When he shouted that way, his joy is contagious. People who saw him and heard him also had a smile on his face, including me. There is no reason to be happy about such a small thing, but it happened automatically in several people.

Now you close your eyes and imagine the incident happening, and I hope most of you would be smiling beautifully. This proves that happiness or joy is viral and start sharing and spreading it. Even in our lives, the cause of great suffering results from too many expectations.

Expect as little as possible or don’t expect at all. Then the results of all actions in life would give you happiness.


Happiness is viral. Share it and it gets amplified turning your environment into heaven.

Expect less or expect nothing. This prevents sadness in life and leaves you with the only choice that is to be happy always.

Manikanta Belde

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