Don’t kill the child in you.

“Your childhood is more precious. You lived truly, laughed heart fully, and dreamed unconditionally. The dreams you dreamt in your childhood are not based on calculations and therefore they are a real and powerful source of happiness and joy.”

Remember your childhood. Remember how you behaved? How you lived? How you laughed? How you acted. How you decided. How you enjoyed. How confident you were?🤔

How lovely you smiled every day? How real you were? How you dreamt of everything? How limitless you were in thinking? How imaginary and creative you were? How happy and true you were?🤔

You were unconditional. You loved people, truly. You fell several times but got up without giving up. You didn’t care about others opinion. You didn’t care about others judgment. You didn’t make up your life. You lived the way you love.

But what happened when you grew up? When you grew up, everything changed in your life. You may say you got the maturity to think properly. But what kind of maturity is that, making you suffer and worry every day.

Your maturity should give you the power to think clearly and make the right solutions that give you happiness. You made decisions without confidence. You said no to several things in life as you thought that’s not the right time.

You didn’t pursue your dream as you cared others opinion and advice. You rejected a relationship believing that you aren’t ready.

You lived a life that you hate because you aren’t real and you are acting all your life to impress others you don’t know. You don’t have fulfilment and satisfaction. You don’t smile truly. You don’t love genuinely. You don’t live truly.

You have more regrets than more achievements. You have more sadness than happiness. You have nothing to be proud of. You have false limits in your head, limiting your life. All this kind of life is because you killed the child in you.

What if you had let live that beautiful and smart child in you? You would have lived the life to the fullest without false limits. You would have taken risks and opportunities without missing any. You would have lived a fortunate life without caring about others judgment. You would have done things that make you happy. You would have never said “not now” for anything in life.

You would have taken any risk to make your dreams come true. You would fail and learn from failures. You would never cry for failures. You would never wear different masks and lose yourself. You would have been just you not trying to become someone else by comparing. You would have been happy😊. You would have more accomplishments. You would have lived your life fully.

Your dreams and desires are real and they aren’t based on any calculation🖩 when you were a child. Purse those dreams and you will gain unlimited happiness. Never give up your childhood dreams, ever. They can keep your life in shape and can give you real happiness.

As a child, you slept well peacefully, not worrying about anything. But as a grown-up, you worry even unimportant things, which is bad for you.

What’s worse is you are teaching to kill the child in you to other generations too in the name of maturity and civilization and this is why many children, teens and youngsters are ending up living a false life where they are suffering and sad every day.

Childhood is most beautiful and you can’t stop losing it. But you can still allow the child to be alive in you by following the behaviour that you have in your childhood. Don’t forget your childhood memories and lessons that matters the most for a better life.

Bring the child in you to life to make your living so beautiful. Live with joy and love unconditionally like a child and make your life mesmerizing and wonderful.