Don’t Trust easily: Trust is a dangerous game.

Manikanta Belde
3 min readJun 2, 2020

“Everything in this world is based on trust. It may be a business, or it may be a relationship. Without trust, nothing stands strong. No transaction happens between people, it may be emotional or monetary when there is no trust.”

This game of trust starts with your birth and ends with your death. Your trust begins when you are born. You trust your mother. Then your father. Then your other relations. Then your friends. Then your colleagues. Even other people you meet in your life and this goes on.

Even though trust is what basis the world. This game of trust is very dangerous as this game is invented and played by human beings. Our intelligence has changed the game completely.

The use of human intelligence in a wrong way created blunders along with several wonders. With our intelligence, we created several fake things in this world. Even we started manufacturing fake emotions in us, which is sad.

Even trust is an emotion. When it’s real, it helps us live a wonderful life where we live together happily without any confusion. When it’s fake, it makes us live a sad life where we live apart with more confusion in life.

Because of this fake trust, it became impossible for many of us to live together happily. Because of this fake trust, relationships aren’t lasting long. Because of this same fake trust, businesses are failing.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” ― Ernest Hemingway

But it’s impossible to live without trust. You may get cheated, but you have to trust. There is no other alternative at all for survival. You need to remember that to know whom you should trust, you must first trust.

If they keep their trust It’s good that we can continue the relationship. If not, there won’t be a relationship anymore. Whatever the result may be because of your trust in someone. You must accept it and learn from it and move on.

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” ― William Shakespeare

The extent of trust you put on someone matters a lot. Because the pain or happiness you are going to get is based on this extent of trust you put on others. That’s why you need to have less trust than having too much trust, which leads to false expectations that fail and make you suffer.

Trust a little at the beginning. Grow your trust when you understand others well. Remember not to trust too much to anyone in any situation. The reason is the one you trust don’t trust themselves that much in reality.

Never trust someone completely who lacks self-trust.― Manikanta Belde.

Nowadays several people try to gain a relation or business or something by impressing or acting as good, which builds fake trust, and this trust is temporary.

Getting trustworthy people is an impressive thing in life. You may get people who love you, but it’s difficult to get people who you can trust. These trustworthy people will be there with you, irrespective of any situation in your life. Gaining such people in life is the ultimate gain.

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” ― George MacDonald

It’s not only important to gain trustworthy people in life. It’s also very important to become trustworthy to such people that you have in life. The only way to become trustworthy to others is — become trustworthy to yourself completely first.

People may break your trust but never lose hope. There are people who are trustworthy, and they will come into your life soon or later at the right time. Have trust in you so strongly.

This is the only way to play this game of trust very well and get happiness always, irrespective of whatever the result may be. This is the only game you can become happy by becoming wise without worrying about your failure or success.

Play well and stay happy…



Manikanta Belde

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