Dreamers. Failures. Achievers.

Manikanta Belde
2 min readApr 20, 2020

“There are three types of people in this world based on how they live and think in their lives. Knowing the difference tells you who you are and what you should be.”

Humans are what they think and how they live their lives. The ideas, wishes, and goals play a huge role in creating different types of humans. Some people do something in their lives and some keep thinking and some people quit so fast. Based on how they handle their ideas and thoughts, humans are divided into three types.

  1. Dreamers: You have dreams in lives. You have wishes unfulfilled and dreams that move in your heads. You never take action in your lives because of fears, laziness or other reasons. You start nothing and you are very good at saying excuses. You live all your life dreaming about a better life which you never get. You keep dwelling and suffering in your head and you live a regretful life. If you have these qualities, you are a dreamer and you need to start doing things if you don’t want to hate your living in the future.
  2. Failures: You don’t fail because of wrong conditions, difficulties or bad situations. You fail because of quitting your goal, because of fear, lack of support or patience. You are better than a dreamer at taking initiative. However, you are a time-waster. You started working on your goal to achieve it, not to quit it. If you give up so easily, you become a failure. Whatever situations may come to you, you must not give up. You must be motivated all the time, irrespective of situations that come in your life. Otherwise, you will be a failure. If you are this kind, keep working and be patient. Don’t give up. Great things take time.
  3. Achievers: You start when the idea is fresh in your head. You believe in your idea firmly. You don’t care about other’s judgment. You give up your laziness, comfort, and many valuable things to bring your dream into reality. You maintain consistency in your work. You are disciplined. You always have perseverance. You face challenges and difficulties that come in your way. You solve the problems and you accept failures as part of the success and learn from them and your mistakes. You have patience. If you have these qualities, you are an achiever. Keep working on your goals and get success and keep giving hope to the world and inspire others and make their lives matter.

From these three types of people, choose what you want to become and make your choice wisely as this life is too short to waste on things that don’t matter.

Manikanta Belde

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