Expect less. Experience more.

“Everyone expects something from someone. But these expectations are harmful to a happy mind.”

Is there any day you lived without expectations? Most people would say, “No”. That’s human nature and everyone expects something every day.

You can’t be happy without expectations. At the same time, you can’t be happy with expectations. Expectations can bring you happiness and sadness depends on what expectations you make in your life.

But do you know? If you make less or no expectations in life. You can experience more life in a better way. Most people are unhappy when they don’t meet their expectations.

People think they are free and independent, but it’s an illusion that they are living in. People are prisoners of expectations. Expectations control them. We gave our expectations the control.

But the truth is, expectations hurt you when they are on others. People don’t read our minds, and therefore they may not meet our expectations. Therefore, don’t expect from others.

Expect from yourself and work on them. It helps you meet your goals and makes you a better person. If you expect from others, it makes you worse.

“Stop expecting from others and start expecting from self.”

How to learn to expect less?

Here are some tips that will be useful to you.

  • Expect from yourself more.

“When you quit expecting, you will start accepting.”

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