How To Find Joy In Every Difficult Situation?

Manikanta Belde
2 min readMar 24, 2023

We all go through some kind of difficult situation in life. However, not every difficult situation one goes through destroys them. Some situations in life are there for a reason. They occur in your life to teach you something or to make you strong.

Difficult situations don’t happen every time in life to break you. They happen to make you or build you into a strong person. — Manikanta Belde

But what if I say you can enjoy every difficult situation in life? You would think I am crazy. Yeah, you are right. When we go through hard times in life, we give up our hope, which is the root of happiness. This is the reason we could never find joy in difficult times.

In such times, we lose self-love, confidence, and self-control. This is the reason we end up in misery instead of finding joy during hard times. What if you didn’t lose your hope, confidence, and control? The situation would have been very different, isn’t it?

Hope is the root of human’s eternal living. Without hope, most people would be lost in life. — Manikanta Belde

But it’s not easy as said to not lose them. It is okay to lose them for a while, but you need to get them back as soon as possible to prevent bad things from happening in your life.

So how do you find joy in difficult times?

One: Be strong mentally when an unpleasant situation occurs in life.

Two: calm down, just breathe and try to understand the situation with maturity.

Three: Don’t lose hope. Cling to it as much as possible.

Four: Stay positive

Five: Find your lesson and keep it with you as a rule for life.

Six: Be grateful for the difficult time

Seven: Find joy by finding a lesson and being thankful

These are 7 simple steps for finding joy during difficult times. Try this and share your wisdom in the comments below.

See you again in the next post. Until then, take care.



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