How Listening and filtering works?

“Listening is a process of acquiring information but too much information is bad and bad information is toxic. Therefore, you need to filter what you hear and that’s how you keep your mind active and energetic.”

Listening is a natural habit that human have. The only problem is we are in an era where there is too much information. The information overload makes us feel bad. Therefore, you need to control what you store into your mind.

Listen completely but don’t believe everything that’s heard. Filter what’s useful for you.

This is how our minds work. At conscious level the mind consumes all information it sees, hears or feels. There is a filter and let’s call it an unconscious level of mind. This acts like a filter and separates useful and useless thoughts. Even our beliefs that we make are based on this.

Listen to understand, not to judge.

When conscious level of mind takes all the information, the subconscious level allows only some part of information which is right according to you, into your mind and thus converts it into your belief and thought.

Subconscious level is a sensitive filter and what you show it again and again becomes your belief. That’s why commercials are run by companies again and again. So the more your conscious level of mind sees or listens to it, the more it believes that as a good brand and makes you buy things.

Listen to, what is curious and don’t let that curiousty kill you.

Therefore, you need to use this filter in a proper way to handle information in a right way.

  • Avoid useless information.
  • Be conscious about what you see and listen.
  • Don’t consume too much information.
  • Keep your mind busy by keeping yourself into some work.
  • Use the filter to allow only necessary information.

This way of using filter helps you have more space for important things in mind and life. It frees you from bad. It gives you stability in life.

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