How to lose your character?

Manikanta Belde
3 min readMay 27, 2020

“Character is more important than anything. If you lose your character, you are dead. But the painful truth is, the most people lose their character and live their lives like the dead. Such people hate their life.”

Even though people know they hate their lives if they lose character. They keep losing their character by compromising their entire life. They live a life they hate and they become the living dead.

These are ways that will tell you that you are losing your character or lost your character already.

Don’t respond to wrong: You know that many things happen around us. Even the wrong things happen around us every day. But do you respond? Most people look at the wrong things and they don’t respond at all.

They move away from that place, ignoring the wrong things. Even though subconsciously they want to respond and fix the wrong things. They don’t do it because of their fears. If you are doing the same thing, you will feel guilty that makes you lose your character soon.

Lose your self-respect: Everyone of you wants self-respect. Nobody likes to be treated unwell. But many are giving up their self-respect to reach higher positions or to escape from their mistakes or for some other reasons. The more you do the wrong things in life, the more self-respect you lose.

Give away your control: Self-control and self-awareness help you grow into a better person. Give up that self-control and you become worse every day. You are controlled by people, things and situations around you. Once you lose self-control, you will lose your character and yourself too.

Follow others' judgment: Most people live their lives based on others opinion and judgment. They don’t have individuality. They incline to others advice all the time. They don’t make decisions on their own.

They rely on others for most things. They live someone else’s life by caring what others think about them and live a life that’s not theirs and soon they lose themselves.

Keep impressing others: Impressing is a fake behaviour. When you try to impress others, you act like someone else rather than you. In the process of impressing others to gain something in return from them, you do horrible things that you never expected from yourself, ever.

This way you will lose your character by becoming someone else and trying to gain things in a wrong way.

Kill your passions: Passions keep your soul alive. You may have Passions that you gave up. You may have given up on them to prevent risks and gain comfort in your life.

But this way you are killing your soul and you are living a dead life where there is no enthusiasm and interest and there is only suffering and regret every day.

Forget morals and values: You can see many people giving up their values and morals as they feel that they won’t work in real life. With such feeling, they gave up their right thinking, and they became greedy.

This way they started doing everything and they don’t care whether or not it affects others. They are completely selfish, and they do things for their own profit.

Morals and values give calmness to your soul and if you lose them your life will become a great confusion in which you will lose yourself.

Live like the dead: Stop reacting. Stop living. Stop thinking. Do nothing different from others. Live like most people and suffer like most people. Go with the flow of life without caring for anything.

Live by following the herd blindly. Live your life like many. Don’t care about making a difference and just live like the dead.

By following the habits, you can easily lose your character in no time. Maybe most of you already are following these habits. Now it’s your turn to decide what to choose. But choose wisely.

Happy losing…



Manikanta Belde

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