How to make life interesting?

Manikanta Belde
5 min readJun 16, 2020

“Nobody wants an uninteresting life. An interesting life will make you joyful, hopeful, and fulfilled. There are some sure ways which will help you make your life interesting and fruitful.”

An interesting life helps you do more and live more. It helps you spread happiness and joy around you. It gives hope to you and others. It helps you conquer your suffering. It helps you live a life of fulfillment. So the question is, how to make life interesting?

These are a few ways that work well to make your life not only interesting but also these ways teach you the experiences and lessons for a happy and wise life. Follow these simple ways and have fun.

Take a risk: Humans are born with the instinct to pursue risks. Human brains are designed to do something tough and risky but you are taught to not take risks and you are taught to choose comfort over risk in life which is the reason you never get fulfillment in life.

You will never take risks because you are scared of failures and criticism from people. You are taught about success by the people who are failures. If you are like everybody, you remain as nobody.

You need to take risks to understand success better. You should take risks to know your actual abilities. You should take risks to learn some amazing lessons from your experiences. These risks either bring you enormous success or bring failures that teach you the best lessons for growth in life.

Taking risks adds a lot of value to your life and also they make your life interesting and help you become happy and wise. Taking risks helps you escape from regretful life, which is more painful than failures in life.

Take away: From next time, take the risk as a challenge and kill your comfort zone before it destroys you.

“The Comfort zone is a desert where nothing grows well. Get away from it and plant your dreams in the uncomfortable zone where enormous growth happens.”

Go for an adventure: Adventures bring the thrill and they help you free yourself from regular life. Adventures will give you fresh experiences that add more value to your life.

Take any new adventure. Go for trekking. Go travel solo. Go to a scary place. Get on to a scary ride. Do anything that fills you with thrill and that adds an unforgettable memory to your life.

Do something new: This human life isn’t enough to do everything in this world. You can only do a few things and there will be still a few other things left. When you have so many things to try out in life, why should you stick to a routine and make your life boring?

Try different things in life. Pursue a new career or new challenge or work on creating something new. Do things that you never did. Dance if you never danced. Sing if you never sang. Talk to a stranger and give your help. Speak just truth for a week or give up your routine life for a week and move around helping people. Try living your life without money, at least for a day.

Keep doing things that you never did before. This helps you become self-aware, and this helps you gain new experiences. This also helps you make your life interesting and hopeful and who knows what trying new things can make you. You may also find your passion in the process, or you may find some amazing people. Don’t miss the fun.

Start a new hobby/habit: Your life is all about what you do every day. Whether your life is interesting or boring depends on your daily routine, your habits, and hobbies you pursue. If your life is boring, change your habits and hobbies.

Start a new habit that builds you into a better person. Add habits that make you productive and happy. Wake up early or plan your day or eat healthily or add any new habits for growing yourself. Add new hobbies that keep you active and inspired. Learn to dance or learn to sing or learn to paint or learn to cook or start some other hobby to keep yourself active.

This addition of new habits and hobbies makes your life interesting and successful.

Make new connections: You become with whom you spend time with. If you spend time with people who are toxic, you become toxic. If the regular connections you have are limited and they don’t bring many new experiences to your life. Start making new connections with like-minded people and right-minded people.

The connections with like-minded people make you feel secure and the connections with right-minded people make you learn some wonderful lessons for growth. Leave your shyness aside and talk to people with courage and start knowing them and then filter your connections and create a network of people who will build you.

This helps you have meaningful conversations and exchanges. This helps you become successful and makes your life interesting.

Face your fears: Fears hold you back. They bring you suffering and foolishness into your life. These fears inhibit your growth. These fears are in your head and you can never escape them. You only have either the option to face them and grow or suffer because of them and stay foolish.

Every human has some fear. But living in these fears will not bring you happiness. Facing them helps you become self-confident. What scares you the most is what kills you inside if you don’t face it. Fight against your fears.

Make a list of your fears and arrange them in an order where your biggest fears are on the top of the list. Now face the first fear. For example, you are scared of heights. Go to places that are on heights and keep doing it until you feel comfortable with heights. Repeat the same process for your other fears.

Facing your fears may be scary at the beginning but as you keep trying, you will enjoy the process which gives you access to your new abilities and makes your life interesting.

“The more you get comfortable with your uncomfortable fears, the more your fears die inside you.”

Be happy always: You can be happy when there is a reason. You can be happy when you get what you want. You can be happy when you get success. But can you be happy when you lose something? Can you be happy when you fail? Can you be happy without any reason?

It’s difficult for many humans to enjoy failures and losses. You celebrate success but you forgot about failures which brought you knowledge and wisdom that enabled your success. You celebrate gains, but you forgot to celebrate the losses that taught you the great lessons for life.

Happiness is a choice. You can be happy anytime. Happiness is what happens inside you. This happiness is different for different people. What makes you happy may not make others happy. Choose happiness over everything.

Your troubles, worry, pain, suffering, loss, and failures. All are temporary. They won’t last long. Time makes them vanish in a while. Therefore, be happy in all the situations. This enables you to become confident. A happy life is always interesting. Stay happy always for no reason.

Manikanta Belde

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