How to Overcome Big problems in Life?

“Problems happen in everyone's life, and how we respond to them changes everything. What looks like a problem to you may not be a problem at all to others and Someone’s problem may not be a problem at all for you. Your perception can change everything.”

Just remember the biggest problem you have faced in your life. Did you overcome it or ran away from it? If you faced it, How did you face it? What if the same problem persists in your life? Do you still consider it a big problem?

If you have overcome your problem, you must have learned the process too. If the same problem persists, you won’t run away or you won’t look at it as a big problem. Instead, you say, It’s easy to solve, and it's just a small problem.

If you had run away from your problem. You will still feel the problem as a big and difficult problem that’s impossible to solve. Your action towards a problem changes your perception.

“Don’t run away from your problems, face them and that’s how you build the right perception and self-confidence.”

No one can escape problems. Problems are challenges that we face in our lives to reach different levels of life. If you don’t accept challenges, you will dwell and suffer in one place forever.

How do problems look like? Does anyone know? Does anyone saw them ever with their eyes?

No. Problems are thoughts in our heads. We can’t see them directly. We can’t touch them. We can only feel them. What we can’t see can’t be measured. But we give a size to them as big and small with our false perception.

In simple words, what suffers us more is a big problem and what suffers us less is a small problem and this is how many people perceive a problem. Any new problem you never faced or know looks like a big problem, but any problem you faced or know looks small.

There is no problem without a solution and don’t expect all solutions to work well for a problem.

See the sizes of these lines that represent problems. P1 line is small than P2 and P3 lines. That’s a small problem in comparison. But P1 seems to be a big problem when it’s new and it’s the only line you have.

If P2 comes into play P1 becomes small in our mind. If P3 comes into play P2 becomes small in perception. Awareness of these problems and facing them gives you lessons that show these problems as small and easy to solve.

But the truth is all problems are equal and you can face them. Facing them makes them small and running from them makes them big and difficult to solve.

“Stop running and start facing your problems.”

Your perception and the right mindset help you solve any problem easily. Believe in yourself and believe in time, as it heals everything, as your life goes on. Don’t give power to your problems by perceiving them as big. Make them nothing by accepting them and solving them.

The more difficult the problem, the more is the chance to learn a better lesson in your life. The right mindset solves most of your problems in your head itself. Grow the right mindset and attitude.

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