Right perception can make all the difference.

Manikanta Belde
2 min readApr 11, 2020

“If one sees beauty, others see defects. If one sees pleasure, others see pain. If one is comfortable, others may be uncomfortable. People perceive the same thing in different ways.”

We always get into fights and clashes as we don’t accept one thing in the same way. What is right for you may be wrong for me and vice versa. We are living in a world where different opinions are running different people in different ways.

The reasons for such perception is:

  • Different people have different experiences.
  • Different people learned one thing in different ways.

If you want everyone to see the same, they have to grow rightfulness in them and then only it's possible to grow together with a single kind of perception.

This solves all the fights in this world. When everyone sees the right thing as right, instead of perceiving it in their own ways. People understand each other well and they help and care for each other. They never try to be selfish or greedy. They care about the comfort and freedom of even others.

“Less conflict and more understanding comes from becoming rightful.”

To connect more with the world than getting disconnected, you need to grow some simple and powerful habits in you.

  • Lose your greedy nature.
  • Grow rightfulness.
  • Grow courage.
  • Respect other's opinions.
  • Grow wisdom.
  • Care for other's freedom.
  • Help the needy.
  • Be right than good.

This world has different social barriers that separate people from people because of perception. They gave away control to this perception and you should control it to bring unity among us and live a life that has more rightful people than fake people and fake perceptions.

Manikanta Belde

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