She is 80+ and she told me to believe in time.

Manikanta Belde
2 min readSep 21, 2021

We all believe in different things in our lives. Some of us believe in religion. Some of us believe in people. Some of us believe in beliefs that we made up or learned from family, friends, or society. We keep believing to stay happy. However, most beliefs in this world don’t give happiness to most people. However, people still live those beliefs and will live regretful lives.

As time passes, most people lose hope and confidence. Over 90% of old people are hopeless, as they have no time and energy left, and they live with regrets as they failed to accomplish their dreams.

This woman I met is quite different. She is 80+ years old, and she is hopeful and happy. I was excited to know how someone can be happy even after getting old, as I saw many old people sad. They may look happy, but most of them go through mental pain, which isn’t shared.

I asked this woman what’s her secret to her happiness. She smiled and said that her belief in time is what made her happy. She elaborated that every person on this planet goes through some kind of pain and stress every day. She added that nobody is happy all the time.

However, she also said that even sadness is temporary and human life is a combination of positive and negative things. So happiness and sadness are part of everyone's life. She added that the way we react to our emotions makes all the difference.

She elaborated that most people wish to be happy all the time and when they experience a tough situation in life; they lose hope suddenly, which causes ultimate misery. So we need to hold hope as strongly as possible. Along with hoping everything is going to be alright, we need to believe in time. With time, everything changes, and nothing remains the same.

She said, “The intensity of suffering today because of pain in your life isn’t the same after a month or a year. This clearly tells us that pain is inevitable, but suffering is our choice. However, if you can’t control your suffering, leave it to time.”

“Time heals your suffering in the long run. You need to be patient and keep doing things in life without being stuck because of your suffering. Instead, you need to hope that everything will be fine and time will heal everything that you are going through.”

This belief of her in time and hope helped her stay happy most of her life and she advised that the same secret could be used to stay happy. I think her advice is worthwhile and helps many to stay happy.

Stay happy.

Manikanta Belde

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