“Death is inevitable and no one will escape it and this is the truth we all know and we still mourn for deaths. Stop mourning for the death and realize that we have a life that is limited, and mourn for the death of your desires and goals that are dead forever in you.”

I strongly believe that each one of you had witnessed someone’s death. May be very few of you know what is dead inside them. Such people never die in peace. They regret life and death too. Don’t become one of such people who killed dreams and desires inside them. Some dreams may be big and some may be small and easy to achieve. But concentrate on goals and dreams that matter to you the most. Remember that life is limited and believe me, you don't have time. You need to act now. You need to take action at this moment and start pursuing what you wanted in life.

“Believing you have a lot of time is an illusion. You realize this when your life is at the end, and where you have no energy left.”

The world is transforming, inventing new things, changing cultures and rules every day. New innovations changed the life that we live in. Changed Cultures and rules change our lifestyle. Many good things are coming in bringing the same amount of bad into our lives making living complex and difficult for many. New diseases are evolving that are wiping out humans at a rapid rate. Technology is bringing in more value along with harm that is destroying humans. For example, addiction to mobile phones made people act like zombies and the increases in accidents because of automobiles. Human inventions are bringing in the same amount of harm and good to this world.

In such a complex and ambiguous world, it’s hard to stress that you have time. Time is very limited and you are nearing towards death every day. I know it’s painful to lose someone close to us. But it’s more painful to kill our dreams and goals that kept us alive and hopeful in life.

I even have witnessed the deaths of people who shared their dreams and goals with me. Some are my friends and some are relations. They met their deaths sooner than expected. You can never tell when you will die. Death remains a mystery to most people. Sometimes maybe today is your last day, or this may be your last moment. That’s why you need to focus your energy now on goals you want to accomplish.

“Tomorrow is not assured to anyone. It’s a mystery to everyone and you can only hope that you will have a tomorrow.”

Put away your laziness and the limits in your mind that are getting you away from your goals and move ahead with strong determination and perseverance.

Make sure when you die, you have that beautiful smile on your face that gives hope to others and peace in your mind. If you can do so, people instead of mourning for your death, they aprreciate the way you lived and take hope from you.