The 4 kinds of people: What kind are you?

Manikanta Belde
2 min readSep 19, 2022

Based on the acceptance of knowledge one has, there are 4 types of people, and find what type of person you are in this piece of writing.

Kind 1: The IGNORANT

These people accept that they know nothing. They are very confident about things they don’t know in their life, and they know this, and they accept this with no fear. But these people will never show interest in learning even though they know nothing. These are the IGNORANT kind.


These people know a few things very well, and they don’t know a few other things. But whatever they know, they are confident in them, but they may not show an interest in learning other things. These are the INTELLIGENT kind.

Kind 3: The WISE

These people know a few things very well, and they don’t know a few other things like the INTELLIGENT kind, but what separates WISE is they are eager to learn and improve in every category. They hunger for knowledge, and they make a difference. They are WISE kind.

Kind 4: The STUPID

These people know nothing but boast they know everything. Even when they have half knowledge of something, they feel and show like they know everything. These people will never show an interest in learning anything, but these people keep judging others with their half knowledge, which is a pity.

Now you know the 4 kinds. Find what kind are you and choose what fits best for you.

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