The Early Morning Wake up technique that works effectively.

Do you want to live longer? Do you want to have a peaceful day? Do you want a calm mind? Do you want more happiness? Do you want extra time? If you answered yes. Then start implementing this habit right away in your life.

Most people lose a lot of their time in sleep. Sleeping longer than usual are the signs of laziness and desperate life. Don’t force yourself to sleep more and more. Having enough sleep has positive results, and having more or less sleep than needed has negative results on your mind and body.

Even several pieces of research prove that having a good sleep will increase the lifespan and also improve creativity levels. This habit is part of the success blueprint. Even if you look at successful people, you find this habit as part of their discipline.

Waking up early in the morning adds more hours to your day and when this becomes a habit, you gain several days, months, and years of time in your life and you will be happy for this. Even this morning time is good for your creative thoughts, and it’s a good time when you will have less or no disturbances. Even you will have fewer distractions in your mind.

I know it’s very difficult for many of you to implement this habit right away. Not only making new habits is difficult, but also breaking old habits is very hard. However, a great determination and a technique can surely help you out. There are several techniques and ways to stack this habit in you.

I will share my favorite technique that works effectively. Use what fits you and what feels good for you. Even though there are several techniques you can find. These techniques work effectively when you put them in action. Creating something new needs patience and confidence.

It may be a habit, or it may be a thing. So whatever technique you may use, make sure you follow it with confidence and patience. Don’t give up so fast. Remember that self-improvement and self-control is more important to put a dent in the universe and make a difference.

TECHNIQUE: Trick your mind:

This technique is effective and you need to perform this for a few days continuously until you wake up at the time you set. This technique follows simple steps.

  1. First set a regular time you want to get up.
  2. Second, write it down on a paper in large words and stick it in your room where you can see it. You can remove this after you develop the habit and replace it with a new habit you want to stack. (This is for visualization.)
  3. Third, set the alarm on an alarm clock 10 minutes before your regular wake up time. (It’s advised not to use a mobile phone for alarm.)
  4. Then wake up the next day before 10 minutes of your regular wake up time.
  5. Set the alarm before 20 minutes of your regular time for the next day and never hit snooze. Just wake up.
  6. Then set the alarm before 30 minutes of your regular time for the next day and wake up. Keep minimizing your regular wake up time by adding a minimum of 10 minutes and maximum of 20 minutes every day until you wake up at the time you want.
  7. Now reward yourself with something. (It may be a thing or a self compliment.)

Example: To make the technique more clear, look at this example. If your regular wake up time is 10 O’clock and you want to wake up at 6 O’clock. Write on paper in large and bold letters “I WILL WAKE UP AT 6 O’ClOCK EVERY DAY.” Stick it on the wall where your sight goes most of the time.

Now on the first day, set your alarm at 9:50 which is 10 minutes less to your regular wake up time and wake up without hitting snooze. On the second day set the alarm at 9:40 which is 20 minutes less to your regular wake up time. On the third day set the alarm at 9:30 and then at 9:20 and go on minimizing your time by 10 or 20 minutes.

I know this is time-consuming, but this works well and helps you gain the habit easily. Once you can wake up at 6 O’clock you can remove the paper you stuck on the wall and reward yourself with a compliment or something. You can use the technique for gaining even other habits by changing it so it works the way you want.


Use an alarm clock to wake up, not your mobile phone as it may act as a distraction and take away your time.

Wake up without hitting snooze every day.

After waking up, make your bed first. This is simple work you can start your day with.