The meaning of Life in 3 simple words.

Manikanta Belde
3 min readApr 16, 2020

“Life is simple. Our thoughts make it complex, and there are different meanings to life by different people. Understand the meaning in simple words and realize the simplicity of your life.”

Understand your Life in 3 simple words.

The three words are: Born, Contend and Die.

Life is a long journey explained in different ways by different philosophers. It’s a beautiful journey for a few people and it’s a horrible journey for some other people. Whatever its definition may be. The important thing is — don’t forget to live because there may be no life after death.

Live the present moment like a hero of your life. Let’s know life in three simple words we listen mostly during our daily routine. The first word is — Born

We know birth is the start of life for every entity on this planet. It’s a great occasion, I mean you have just arrived in this world. It doesn’t happen easily. After passing complex processes in the mother's womb, you have just entered the world receiving welcome wishes from your loved ones around you.

They are thrilled for you and nothing can replace their happiness, anyway. You may cry when you are just born, but people around you are smiling and celebrating your arrival. It’s a great success for your parents and family. They love you so much and believe me the love in them is very unconditional.

The second word is — Contend.

You grow, that’s what happens after a few days after your birth, and the growth will continue and here the real unexplainable things happen. At this phase, you have to contend in this world to make your survival possible.

You should learn things and perform. Face hard situations. Earn a living. Build relationships. Succeed. Fail and you have to learn from your failures. Manage things. Believe me, in this stage you cannot have pure unconditional love from people around you, which you got in the first stage.

You are on your own here. Believe in you and things you do. In this stage, Somehow manage people stick to you. Even if they show their conditional love. It’s okay. Manage people with your unconditional love and May you get the least back.

It’s a drama time. It’s in your hands whether or not to perform well. Learn the necessary skills and perform well. Your performance makes you a hero or a villain or nothing in people’s minds.

The third word is — Die.

Everyone has to die someday, which is a painful truth and not all care about death that may occur in the future, at some point of unknown time. It just happens like unexplained magic that is you just die and you take nothing accomplished here on earth.

People around you cry for your loss and at this stage, people love you which is unconditional and therefore they cry or show their sadness for your life.

Things to remember: “People love you unconditionally, during your birth and death. Then in the middle of these two things, you just have to manage people, so that you get little love and survive.”

“Birth and death are natural”. But Birth is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth which you have to believe in all your life.



Manikanta Belde

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