The simple formula for happiness.

Everyone wants happiness and everyone gets it and the extent of happiness people enjoy is different. This happiness comes and goes and, therefore, is temporary. However, the sad thing is most people pursue more sadness and less happiness, which needs to be fixed.

In true terms, happiness is quite simple, but we have made it complex by connecting it to things, numbers, people, and other external monetary things. I know it's very difficult to break this pattern which is hardwired in minds. We can’t stop connecting our happiness to external things. But you can use this simple formula to gain abundant happiness every day.

There is a simple formula that will help you gain more happiness and fulfillment in life. This formula is quite the opposite of what we do every day. We do things every day (Job, business, etc.)to gain something, but this formula is not about getting things but about giving things.

Give a little of what you earn for a good cause. Help someone who is needy. Do as much help as you can. Give your time and volunteer for a cause. It can be anything. Help an old man or old woman cross the road. Give a little money to a beggar. Spend a day at a charity and contribute little of your income.

It’s all about giving your money and the time you have to a good cause, that will help someone and make their lives better. Just give and never expect anything in return.

This is the simple formula you have to invest yourself in, every day: The more you give(MONEY & TIME for a good cause), the more you earn(HAPPINESS).

You will see the true power of this formula when you make a continuous contribution. You need to remember that givers are happier than receivers. So keep giving and keep making your life joyful.