They can’t sleep. How could you?

Manikanta Belde
2 min readApr 17, 2020

“I know we all choose comfort more than risk. You have dreams you should accomplish, but most people kill their dreams in them and this makes them live a dead life.”

There are dreams that you need to fulfill. When you bring them into life, they can be helpful to you and many in this world. It may be a business idea or innovation that you are dreaming about.

But you gave up or didn’t take any action because of fear or other reasons. The doers and brave ones won’t leave their dreams in vain. They do something about it. If they acted like you, they wouldn’t even be able to sleep for a while peacefully.

They would go out of any limits to fulfill their dreams. They would sacrifice everything they had to build their dreams into reality. You know such people already. You call them successful and great. You know their names.

Even you want to fulfill your wishes but you didn’t. There may be reasons and excuses of your own and they all are useless if you really believe in yourself and in your idea.

It may be difficult at the beginning. You may be spending sleepless nights, and you may be completely involved in making your dream a reality. This is all fine as this pain and difficulty is temporary. Even you may fail but don’t quit. Keep trying until you reach your success. Learn from your failures.

If you don’t act on your dreams, you will live a regretful life which is more painful and which suffers you a lot. You will spend days without peace ahead and you can’t sleep even one night happily.

This is why you have to fix yourself and take action on your dreams. Once you get success, you can have happy days and you will attain peace in life that helps you live a life without regrets.

“Don’t sleep and dream now. Make your dreams into reality and then sleep well.”

Therefore, choose risk now and get comfort forever after you succeed instead of choosing comfort now and not taking a risk.



Manikanta Belde

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