What are the saddest truths about smart people?

Manikanta Belde
3 min readApr 28, 2020

“You may think being smart is cool but the truth is completely different. There are several things that smart people go through than normal ones. They sacrifice several things, and they don’t enjoy life normally.”

Too much intelligence is a curse. Their intelligence creates problems. The same intelligence makes them live an abnormal life. They always give priority to their logic more than their emotions and feelings.

Sometimes people think and assume them as machines as they are expressionless in several situations. Their actions look abnormal, and their life looks abnormal to normal people.

People can’t go along with smart people in several aspects of life. Smart people always get involved in their work as they are hunger for innovation and success all the time.

They dwell in their heads: Smart people live all their lives thinking and rethinking in their heads. They don’t give any break to their thinking process. They overthink and they undergo depression most of their life.

They think about things more than thinking about people. They involve and love their work and spend all their lives thinking about making things better. That’s how they gave us several innovative products that we use in our daily lives, for which we are grateful.

They undergo depression every day: Smart people have stress factors. They are hunger for innovation, betterment, and success. They don’t care about anything and they stay aloof, thinking about solutions all the time.

They don’t avoid stress. They amplify it in their heads by thinking more and more and worrying about making things happen. That’s how many got mental disorders.

They are poor at relationships. They care logic more than emotions and therefore they don’t understand well how others feel. Relations work on emotions and not logic. They always love their family but they don’t know how to express because of a lack of time or busyness or their smartness.

That’s why they have less family time and they are mostly alone with no or fewer friends. Only people who understand smart people can go along in their lives. If they don’t understand smart people, the relationships get broke soon or later. Most smart people end up alone in life.

They are rejected by society. This is a painful truth. Society hates them and rejects them for what they are and for not becoming one of them. Smart people hate monotony and the status quo.

Therefore, they live differently from others without following rules or regulations properly. Smart people are good at making but terrible at the following, and this becomes one reason why society rejects smart people.

They are bad at asking. Smart people find things on their own mostly and if they don’t find answers they ask people. As they are bad at asking, they communicate little with people.

They are bad at exposing their work to people, and they need someone to do that. Even if you observe people from history, all smart people are exposed by someone. Most of them don’t come out on their own to expose their talents.

The problem is, the smarter you become the more you become conscious of choosing things in life and this is the reason why you search for the best things that are rare or unavailable which makes you settle with less.

Yes, smartness is a great gift, but it’s a curse you have to break. Smart people don’t talk about them, but the world talks about them. Even smart people have emotions that are killed inside because of situations or beliefs they have grown in their lives.

Grow intelligence and become smart but don’t forget to live as a human with connections. At the end of your life, people will praise you for the inventions that you gave to the world, but they don’t praise you as a person much.

It's great to love your work but at the same time love your family and friends and spend at least some time with them whenever possible. You are born as a human being where your family loved you and make sure you die as a human where people love you as a person instead of a smart person.

Manikanta Belde

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