“Did you observe other commuters properly? What did you find? What do you think they are contemplating? Do their happiness on their faces real? Do their blank faces expressing anything? What’s your judgment about them?”

It’s surprising to know that most people are unhappy in this world. The reasons for their unhappiness are different for different individuals. What’s more surprising is most people want to become happy in life and they run behind making happiness possible in their lives every day. But the sad part is most end up living a painful life.

There are several people who are rich but aren’t happy because of their greediness. There are several people who are poor but happy because they are satisfied with what they have.

There are people who are hardworking but aren’t happy because they do the work they hate. There are people who are hardworking and are happy because they do the work they love.

There are people who are doing works that seem small to us, but they are happy. There are people who are doing some extensive works, but they aren’t happy at all.

If you have ever observed the commuters carefully, you can know several aspects from their faces that express feelings untold to anyone. Some faces express genuine happiness that’s rare and several faces express fake happiness that’s everywhere.

Some faces express calmness on their faces, and several faces express confusion on their faces. Some express tiredness and some express energy. Some express worry and some express joy.

Some faces express victory, and some faces express failures. Some faces express accomplishments, and some faces express regrets. Some express hope and some express desperateness.

Whatever the expression may be. Pleasant expressions tell that they are living their lives doing what they love and they have fulfilment in their life. Unpleasant expressions tell that they are acting in their lives, not doing what they love and they have regrets and suffering.

It's not failures that make you sad, but it's not trying that makes you sad and suffer. You may have taken no risks in your life because of several reasons. The reasons may be your fears or lack of proper resources, or it may be anything that leads to regret in life.

You need to stop making excuses, and you need to work on your goals, taking risks. You may fail. It’s okay. The pain of failures is temporary and the pain of regrets is more and is permanent.

We all of us have goals and desires we want to fulfil in our lives. But the sad thing is a very rare part of people take a leap to fulfil their goals and desires and remaining don’t take any action.

If you don’t want to be part of the majority who are suffering and sad every day. You need to take action on your dreams. Don’t become a sad commuter. Be a happy commuter who expresses joy, wisdom and happiness to people that observe you.

You have this one temporary life and work on your big goals first. If you keep telling yourself you have time. You are cheating yourself. If you keep procrastinating and postponing your goals by choosing comfort in life now, you will get uncomfortable because of regrets that you will have in your further life.

I have seen so many commuters who are sad, thinking in their heads about their life, the missed opportunities and several other things. I have seen very few who are happy and satisfied because they do what they love and they strive for the fulfilment, not temporary happiness.

Even you should start doing what you love and your life changes completely with this one simple change in your life.

📚 Author: Wrote and published 10+ books 🔥Entrepreneur: Established several online and offline businesses 👨‍💻Life coach: Helped people get better.