What should you do? When you are uninspired.

Manikanta Belde
4 min readMay 7, 2020

“When you’re uninspired, don’t force yourself to do things because it may make you feel hatred over your work. I advise you to relax and do other things for a while.”

Take a break from what you are doing regularly and do something else which makes you feel good. For example, you can pursue a hobby or you can cook or you can dance or you can sing or you can try new software or you just experiment on unfamiliar things or watch something inspiring or find more about other things or spend time with family.

You have a million things to choose from. Choose what’s interesting to you. The important thing is enjoying whatever you are doing. An inspired mind is calm and produces some great thoughts and ideas. Bring your mind to a calm state by doing unconventional things.

If you stress your mind to work more vigorously when it is uninspired, It will give you all opposite results and you’ll feel the work as a burden and hate the work. Somehow this makes your work ineffective, and that’s the reason you must give your mind some rest.

You need to do this only for a while; you need not do this for several days because it will turn into laziness and therefore you get to your work as soon as possible.

I have a few ideas to share about what you should do when you are uninspired.

Read an inspiring book: If you have any favourite book. Read it or choose from several inspirational books available and start reading. Make sure the book you choose is interesting. Don’t just read it because it has so many reviews or it’s a best seller. Even an article that can inspire you is enough. You don’t need an entire book. Read something interesting and inspiring.

Watch videos that inspire you: There are several videos on the internet and find something that inspires you. You can choose YouTube or Instagram and search for inspirational videos. The videos you watch need not be so long. They can be even a minute or less. There are such videos too, which makes your mood and brings back you to inspired mode. Watch such videos.

Meditate: Meditate for a while and it only helps to get inspired after a lot of practice. If you are new to meditation, you may not be able to meditate easily. But once you get habituated. It works. It helps you bring your mind to a calm state, which triggers your mind to get into inspiration mode.

Sing or Dance: If you never tried to Sing or Dance. Do it now. It will make you feel good and relieve your mind from stress and worry. Play your favourite song and start dancing to it or sit comfortably and sing the song along with the song being played. This will give you relief. Try it once. If you are shy, sit in a room alone and do it.

Do something new that you never did in your life: Try new things that you may have never done. It may be anything. It can be something adventurous or it can be something funny or it can be something emotional or it can be something scary. Make sure to try new things. This will help you understand yourself better and boosts your confidence.

Spend time with family: You may be busy all the time with your work. It’s surprising that work takes away your time for family in many cases and the reason why many work hard is, for the family but they ignore family when comes to work. Most human life is spent with work.

So when uninspired use that time to sit with your family and speak to them and share your experiences and thoughts and listen to them. This builds relations stronger.

Take a vacation: Take a vacation from regular life. Go visit new places. You will see new people and experience new situations, which makes your mind active. Speak to new people, and come to know about unknown things. Do what keeps your mind active and inspired.

Implement your own ideas if you get anything into your head because they work well because they are your own ideas.

There is a lot of importance to inspiration because it helps you to live and work effectively, where you will not feel tired or hectic, as you are loving the work. But when the same work is done too much, the minds can’t stay inspired. Our human minds are programmed to work for a little time to work well with full concentration.

Whatever your work may be. You should not force your mind to do too much work where it will feel the burden and make sure you don’t lose control over your work and over yourself and that’s why you need to do other things so you will get back to your work, feeling inspired.

You will lose your schedule, and sometimes it’s fine. Your mind is a great asset and you need to manage it properly and if you fail to do so will eventually destroy you. Make sure to give rest to your mind and always try to keep it in a calm state to stay inspired.

Manikanta Belde

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