Suicides became very common. You come across such deaths every day. Even if you search the number of suicides. They are increasing in number every day. But do you know who is behind these suicides? Do you know the reasons for their deaths? Even though they are killing themselves. The cause of such depression in them is because of several people in their lives.

very human being has love in him/her. They care about other humans. Parents care for their children. Teachers care for their students. The government care for their citizens. But why people are getting depressed even though these are caring so much?

First of all, I offer my great respect to all the parents, teachers, and all other people who care for others and who created a proper relationship and always tried to understand and help your connections and relations.

The people who are the reason for depression in other beings are the reason who are behind their suicides. Even imperfect systems, rules, false beliefs, and imperfect education inculcate to people are the reasons for depression which is the cause of suicide in most people.

A weak mind accepts depression and loses hope and ultimately kills the being. No one is born weak-minded but the family, society, and the systems convert beautiful and strong minds which are wild into weak minds where there is a lack of hope and there is only worry all the life.

When you look at suicide rates, you can find that most people who suicide are students. The education system has built some complex and great ways to impart knowledge and skill to students, but it forgot to teach about how to handle life for students. Education has a lot of value but the sad truth is it produces more workers than more creators or innovators which makes the education system imperfect.

In the education system, marks and grades are given a lot of importance instead of practical skills that everyone is gifted with. Every student has their own way of thought and learning way. You can’t feed them using the method.

This competitive world made education tougher to the students, where they are always expected to get good grades and jobs by killing their dreams. These expectations from teachers and parents are imposed on them, which is the cause of unlimited stress in them.

Very few can handle this stress, but many can’t. You need to remember that many creators, innovators, and founders of outstanding things aren’t great at education but they are great at handling people and their own lives.

You must give the students their freedom. The freedom to choose what they want to be. The freedom to learn the way they want. You only have to act as a guide and help them gain the knowledge they want. Even parents have to support their children and help them do what they love.

Comparing with others is not useful. Everyone has their own talents and skills. You need to bring them out and help them live their lives by letting them follow their passions instead of forcing them to become machines and work without happiness every day.

Even though parents and teachers care for their children, these suicides rate is still increasing. The problem is with the kind of care you are providing. You tell them you love them and care for them but you again impose rules over them and you impose your expectations and desires over them which is actually authority, and it’s not pure love.

Instead of showing your authority, care for them by understanding them, and value their decisions and help them pursue their dreams. Know about their problems by asking and allow them to be open to you and solve their problems or guide them in solving their problems. This is how you build strong relationships.

Not only students but several people are committing suicides because of several reasons. Depression results from these reasons that are worrying them and it’s important to beat this depression before it takes over the control over you. Not all can handle depression alone. You need to help them or you need to ask someone to help you if you are depressed.

The only way to heal someone’s pain or depression is to listen to them carefully and tell them that you are there to help and never show your sympathy to these depressed people. Instead, show them empathy.

Care these people when they are there. Once they left, you may cry for them and you may feel they should come back alive which isn’t possible and you know it well. These people may be the one you love or you hate.

“Treat no person badly as you don’t know what they are going through. Help them if possible, which is the greatest sign of humanity.”

We are all one. Our happiness is the result of others. When there is no one in your life, your life becomes painful. “Therefore, care for the people when they are there.”

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