Why all the schools and colleges should start online education?

  • Learning for teachers: You can complete everything on time and even teachers get Knowledge about technology. There are many teachers who don’t anything about updating technology that can make a huge impact on education. Once the online education system comes into play, it becomes imperative for them to learn about how to use this technology.
  • Learning becomes interesting: There is no need of worrying about running for classes or sitting around four walls listening to the lectures. You can take classes anywhere. Even if you are on vacation, you can take classes, which is wonderful. You can learn from anywhere in this world.
  • Less authority and more friendliness: As teachers are teaching online, their authority will no more work. You have the freedom to learn in the way you want. Therefore, building more friendliness happens than more authority. This makes students and teachers feel comfortable with each other.
  • Keep updated: You don’t need to just learn about what’s existing and outdated. As you all will have access to the internet, you can dig deeper to find more about any topic and even teachers have to dig deeper to teach you. Teaching and learning become interesting as we are getting updated knowledge that can be applied in our lives at that moment.
  • Recap anytime: If those lectures are recorded and saved. They will be useful for you to refer to them anytime. Students need not worry about missing the lectures any more and teachers can Livestream their recorded videos. You need not compromise with your teaching plans anymore.
  • More choices and options: Due to lack of time, students are given limited options to learn. But the online system makes it possible to choose and learn unlimited options, as there will not be any problem with time.
  • More communication methods: Students can get into touch with teachers or professors easily, and they don’t feel shy anymore to ask doubts and questions. They can use chat online or email if they can’t ask directly. Somehow their doubts will be cleared and all answers will be answered and this helps students learn more effectively.
  • Learn technical skills: Both students and teachers will learn technical skills well. This helps students especially to keep updated with technology, and this helps them in their jobs.
  • Realtime learning: Students will learn more updated knowledge. This way they are ready to apply what they learn in their jobs and lives. This helps students grow an interest in learning and growing.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde


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