Why Self-love is important?

Manikanta Belde
3 min readMay 11, 2020

“You can’t love others when you don’t love yourself first. You can’t live a joyful life without self-love. Self-love is very important. Don’t calculate self-love based on how others treat you. You should always love yourself.”

Love yourself every day. There are several advantages because of it. Self-love improves several aspects of your life, turning you into the best version of yourself. Most people hate their lives because of lack of self-love.

Lack of self-love destroys your happiness and peace. You live an unfulfilled life every day. You have low self-esteem and higher suffering. Lack of self-love or makes you live a horrible life.

When you don’t love yourself, you care about others judgment about you. You compare yourself to everyone all the time. You live on others rules and conditions. You lack self-awareness and self-respect.

You try to impress everybody. You live someone else’s life. You feel inferior. You lack self-confidence. You live your life just for the sake of living without valuing it. Finally, you will lose yourself forever.

Imagine you are living as yourself. Not comparing with others. You are living on your own terms and conditions. Imagine you live your life to impress yourself, not others. Caring about your satisfaction, not caring about risks or failures or judgment from others.

Imagine living your life happily every day irrespective of situations you are going through. Where fulfilled and valuable life is yours.

Imagine where you don’t act but live and love and laugh every day, heartfully without negative thoughts and emotions affecting your life. Imagine a life where you live without jealousy and live by appreciating things and people around you without complaining.

Imagine a life where others actions don’t make you react much, but your response has a lot of value in your life. Imagine a life full of satisfaction, joy and freedom from everything that’s suffering you.

Imagine a life where your dreams turn into reality and make you a better person. Imagine a life where you feel proud of yourself by accomplishing your desires and goals.

Imagine a life where you don’t lose yourself and live your own life instead of others life. Imagine a life where truth is your powerful asset, where you live an authentic life without faking it for others.

Imagine a life where you treat yourself well every day and don’t care about how others treat you. Imagine a life where you make decisions with more confidence, where you are self-aware and self-confident in every step of your life.

I hope you can stop imagining now and start pursuing such life by doing one simple thing. The simplest thing you need to do is love yourself every day. By loving yourself a little more every day, you are doing a great favour to yourself where you live a fulfilled and joyful life that makes a difference.

“Love yourself and fall in deep love with yourself every day.”



Manikanta Belde

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