Would you allow one bad thing to spoil your whole day's happiness? Read on…

Manikanta Belde
2 min readMar 17, 2022

Each one of us expects every day to be a good day that is full of positive vibes, achievements, good moments, and great experiences. We may have all of them in a day, but one bad situation or experience or moment on that day would destroy all the good memories you had. This is not right.

We try to focus on one bad situation or experience instead of focusing on ten good things that happened on the same day. This ultimately makes you lose the importance of great experiences you had and fills you with desperateness and sadness.

What if you had ignored one bad situation and focused on all the great experiences you had on that day. This would make you feel positive vibes the entire day and these positive vibes could make others' day too. Like happiness, sadness is viral too. It spreads to others in the form of anger or hatred.

We need to stop complaining and berating bad situations. We need to start appreciating good situations. This makes you see life from a happy perspective. If you do this in your entire life, not just one day, your life can be so great that you appreciate it more and complain less.

Let me tell you about one of my personal experiences. One day, I went on a journey and visited different places. I had several great experiences at every place. I met different people and helped the needy when I saw them and received their blessings.

When I visited the last place, one guy who looked arrogant shouted at me simply. I got angry and shouted at him and left the place and this incident resonated in my head continuously. I was happy and suddenly, after this incident, I forgot that I was happy, and I had good experiences.

I kept scolding that arrogant person. This didn’t make me feel good. I calmed my mind and remembered the whole day and found that the number of good experiences I had on that day are more than this one bad situation. After this calculation, I asked myself why I should worry about this one bad situation when I had many good experiences and blessings on that day.

I realized what was important and decided that I should not allow one bad thing to destroy my complete day's happiness. This helped me ignore bad situations in life and fill life with more positive vibes.

The lesson I learned is:

We get in life what we concentrate on more rather than getting the best of what life has to offer.

This lesson is very helpful, and it can improve your life. Use this lesson wisely.

Manikanta Belde

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