Your Life and the River. Your Destiny and the Ocean.

“There is a strong relationship between your life and the river, and your destiny and the ocean. This wisdom explains life in a simple way.”

The river represents our life. It takes birth somewhere and is tiny and while flowing, it slowly increases in size. As time goes on, it bulges in shape and size. It overcomes all obstacles that come in its way. It never stops looking at obstacles. It doesn’t care about the size of obstacles in its way.

In the way, several animals and humans make use of this river water for several purposes. Even the river feeds several plants in its way. Even though it is busy flowing, it doesn’t forget to help others.

Even human has to learn from this river. We take birth and we increase in size slowly, and we also come across several obstacles. But when we are busy, we forgot to help the needy and we only think about ourselves and this is selfishness.

What if the river becomes selfish, will you survive? No. In the same way, there are several people who are waiting eagerly for your help and help. In your movement of life, if you come across anyone who is in need. Help them even though you are busy.

As time passes by the river keeps flowing with no rest. It may move slow or fast, but it never stops. It knew its destination. How powerful or powerless it maybe? How beautiful or ugly it maybe? It has to meet its destiny in the end. It may be proud or not. Even Its proudness will not prevent it from meeting its destiny.

So one day, it joins the ocean and here the river’s journey ends and it becomes eternal. Even human life works the same. As age increases, we won’t have the same energy. We may move slowly. But we should never stop. You must be in movement.

Even we know our destiny. Our journey ends with our death. No one can escape it. Your power, money, fame or pride will not help you. They can’t prevent you from meeting your death. One day our body joins this soil, and we become soil, and we become eternal.

Realize the truth, and keep moving, facing all obstacles in your life. Never stuck because of one bad situation in your life. There is more life ahead. Time and your mindset heal everything. Believe in them and take a leap. Never be proud of anything. Be simple and live a life of joy, leaving all your worries aside.

This helps you live a life where you have more happy moments. You will handle situations wisely. You will spend time on useful things. You actually live your life more than acting. Finally, a fulfilled life is possible.